Ladies Second Team
Sat 03 Feb 2024  ·  Yorkshire Women's Division 2
Driffield Hockey Club
Ladies Second Team
B Walker-Rouse (46'), H Gillingham (49')
Leeds Adel 2
3 Points well won.

3 Points well won.

Henri Williams3 Feb - 16:26
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On a sunny Saturday morning, Driffield stepped onto the pitch against Leeds Adel- who we previously lost to 3-1. Was today the day we were going to have a two weekend streak? With Leeds push back, we were on them from the start, with a strong defence, consisting of Kirsty, Henri, Meg, and Lucy. Leeds tried their best to score but Sibelle kept on kicking them out. Driffield applied pressure right up until half time. With a great team talk by coach Tuplin and refreshed by oranges, we were raring to go.

The ball was pushed back and from that point on we had the majority of the play. Driffield created some lovely triangles that allowed the ball to swiftly move between the midfield, Hattie, Hannah and Amy. A foot in the D, short corner. This was our opportunity to change the score-line. swept the ball into Fiona, who smashed it into the bottom left hand corner. 1-0. This goal made our confidence grow and we wanted more. The forwards (Millie, Bronwyn, Zoe) kept on hassling the defence, trying to make them crack. Suddenly, Zoe Howe received the ball on the right wing, dribbled through Leeds Adel’s defence, and slips it in to Bronwyn who was on the P spot. 2-0. With 10 minutes left could Driffield get anymore? With continuous applied pressure from the team, Meg dribbled the ball down the wing fired it to Hattie who swept it into the goal (another field goal) making it 3-0.
The final whistle blew and Driffield were jumping for joy!

Thank you to the umpires and Spread for teas.
Girlie of the game goes to Hattie and
Donkey Fiona.

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Sat 03 Feb 2024



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Sorry a bit late on putting out the team. Please meet in the changing rooms. Teas after the match.


Yorkshire Women's Division 2

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Leeds Adel 2
Driffield 2
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