Sat 05
Wakefield 3
Ladies Second Team
Another day could have seen a very different result...

Another day could have seen a very different result...

By Bryony Sykes
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Wakefield L3's vs Driffield L2's

This Saturday saw Driffield Ladies Second Team travelling to Wakefield. The first half was very evenly matched with Driffield seemingly more in control of the play. Driffield had opportunities to score, with Kathryn Bumby, Rachel Kendall and Di Levitt driving hard into the attacking D, earning the team a number of short corners. Driffield absorbed any Wakefield attack well with Charlotte Smith, Ellen Calder and Helen Holdsworth maintaining control at the back and getting the ball up the field from Driffield hit outs. Mags Purnell also played extremely well tracking the ball up and down the left side of the pitch which saw a lot of the play.

The score at half time was 0-0, but the team talk was very positive with Captain Charlotte Smith saying 'we can win this girls!'. Unfortunately, Driffield seemed to have lost a bit of their sparkle and on 40 minutes Wakefield scored from a controversial umpiring decision.

This increased Wakefield's confidence and they started to pass the ball quickly across the midfield and up the wings, launching multiple attacks on the Driffield defence. This led to a quick second goal after a hard strike and an unlucky deflection on goal at 41 minutes, and a quick break at 48 minutes. Driffield's keeper Becks Lalor made multiple saves within this period to keep the ball out of the net, allowing Driffield to reorganise as a team.

Driffield managed to regain its control with Bryony Sykes, Nicola Guthrie and Kirsty Edmond tackling well in midfield and blocking a lot of the Wakefield play.

Driffield managed to hold the score at 3-0, but the team felt that this was a disappointing result which could have ended very differently on the day. Although Driffield should take away lessons learnt from this match, they should look forward to playing Wakefield again at home. The team has the ability to play well, and at present is sat 7th in the league, so should go into next week with confidence.

Final score: Wakefield L3’s 3-0 Driffield L2’s
Girlie of the game: Lucinda Collinge for her dominance on the right of the pitch in both attacking and defensive situations. Well played Lucinda!
Match report written by: Ellen Calder

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Sat 05, Oct 2019



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Meet at Driffield Sports Centre 9:30
We are not staying for teas
Please let me know if you are meeting at the pitch.


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Wakefield 3
Driffield 2